The emergence of cardiovascular diseases has claimed many lives and destroyed many families. It’s a scary disease.

The occurrence of cardiovascular diseases is currently very common, especially in middle-aged and older people. The risk of cardiovascular disease is gradually increasing, which seriously threatens people’s health. For us, we need to protect the health of your own blood vessels and fight this “defensive battle”. So what can we do every day to prevent the onset of cardiovascular disease?

Don’t stay awake all night

Staying up late increases the stress on people Heart and reduce the activity of various organs of the human body. Not only does it significantly increase a person’s blood pressure, but it also causes deterioration in immune function and increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Therefore, it must be avoided as much as possible. stay up.

Adequate exercise

Adequate exercise has many benefits for human health and can also prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases. Exercise methods that are more suitable for most people include: brisk walking, jogging, etc. When a person exercises, the speed of blood flow accelerates. The faster blood circulation throughout the body improves body function. It may also play a role in dilating blood vessels and has certain benefits in improving heart function. However, excessive physical activity should be avoided. .

Reduce salt intake

The scientific salt intake amount is generally within 6 grams. You can purchase a salt-limiting spoon. You can use the spoon to control the amount of salt during each cooking process.

At this point, I would like to remind everyone that reducing salt intake is not just about adding less salt when cooking. Many foods and spices in daily life contain a lot of salt, such as: E.g., cucumbers, ham, soy sauce, sauces, etc. These foods are hidden “salt-rich” foods and your daily intake needs to be reduced.

Stop smoking and limit alcohol consumption:

Smoking is harmful but not beneficial. Smoke increases bad cholesterol in the blood and lowers good cholesterol, which can easily lead to cardiovascular disease. Therefore, you need to protect yourself from cardiovascular diseases stop smoking.

When it comes to drinking, many people say that drinking less alcohol is good for the body. However, it is scientifically proven that this benefit does not exist. It’s also unscientific to say that drinking wine can soften blood vessels. Therefore, avoiding alcohol is a good way to protect your blood vessels. If you really can’t stop drinking, you need to reduce your alcohol consumption. It is recommended that your weekly alcohol consumption does not exceed 100 grams.

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Last Update: 18 April 2024