There are many causes of headaches. Trying to reduce the causes will naturally reduce the occurrence of headaches. However, taking it blindly Painkiller Relieving pain only makes symptoms worse and can lead to a failure to recognize the body’s health warning signals. Start now, develop 6 good habits, avoid 3 bad habits and put an end to annoying headaches!

The causes of headaches are divided into 5 categories:

1. Side headache (migraine)

It is related to poor blood circulation on one side of the body. Common causes include poor blood flow to the gallbladder meridian. The cause of this is often going to bed late and stress.

2. Headache on the forehead (left and right side of the forehead)

These two sides form the beginning of the stomach meridian, which is related to the digestive system of the gastrointestinal tract. For example, he is prone to bloating, heartburn, gastroesophageal reflux or frequent constipation or nighttime snacking. Anyone who is too oily can easily cause side forehead headaches.

3. Pain in the head and heart

It is usually related to the liver system. At this point it is related to emotional stress. It can also be related to getting angry easily, having severe mood swings, and staying up late.

4. Pain in the back of the head and neck

It is more related to the high pressure in the carotid artery. This pain is usually related to high blood pressure or can be caused by incorrect exercise postures, such as: B. frequently looking down at cell phones, incorrect postures when playing computer games, etc.

5. The whole head hurts

It can be caused by cold.

To solve the problem of headaches, you must first improve your daily life, diet and other habits and develop 6 good habits so that you no longer suffer from headaches.

Maintain normal daily routine

Staying up late without sleep is the most likely way to damage the brain. The headaches that many people experience after staying up late are caused by imbalances in brain function caused by neurological disorders. Although extra sleep is one of the ways to relieve headaches after staying up late, the most basic solution is still: you should maintain a regular daily routine of sleeping at night and doing activities during the day so that your brain can sleep peacefully and dark environment to reduce the occurrence of headaches.

Develop good exercise habits

The American Headache Education Council Newsletter reports that regular exercise is helpful for most chronic pain conditions, and the effect is particularly noticeable in people with generalized pain such as myofascial syndrome and migraines. Soothing exercises such as brisk walking, cycling, yoga, etc. can help release tense muscles. However, anyone who suffers from frequent headaches should avoid strenuous physical activity, as this will otherwise cause headaches and have the opposite effect.

Learn to relax your shoulders and neck

Modern people often sit for a long time and are inseparable from mobile phones and 3C products, which can cause habitual muscle tension, shoulder and neck pain, and easily cause contraction headaches. Especially stressed office workers who are used to shrugging their shoulders, which makes them prone to headaches. If the shoulders and neck are in a state of tension for a long time, poor blood circulation occurs. If you work or use cell phones on weekdays, remember to get up and move around every now and then to stretch your muscles.

Try to relax and feel less stuffy

Migraines are also related to mood swings. If you are emotionally stressed, anxious, or depressed, headaches will get worse. On the contrary, frequent headaches also lead to physical and mental comorbidities such as anxiety and depression. Try not to have too much resentment in your heart. If you are unhappy or upset with many things, you can try changing your mood and looking at the world with a smile, which can also relieve your headache.

Eat a less processed diet and consume more B vitamins

Nutritionally, try to eat less tyrosine-containing foods like dairy and cheese, as well as processed foods like sausage, bacon, bacon, etc., and even foods like MSG and sugar substitutes. Some people also believe that red meat can easily cause headaches. But it varies from person to person. In addition, you can consume other vitamin B complexes, especially B2-rich lean meat, animal liver, oysters, etc. Deep-sea fish are rich in fish oil, which can promote blood circulation and nourish the brain. However, due to concerns about heavy metals, you can eat them in moderation.

Develop good eating habits

Some people also believe that migraines are related to a preference for eating strong-tasting foods. Foods that are too salty, too fatty or too sweet are not good. Not only are they dangerous foods, but they can also easily cause gastrointestinal distress and indirectly lead to headaches. In addition, regular meals and regular meals can stabilize blood sugar and prevent dizziness and headaches caused by hypoglycemia.

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Last Update: 18 April 2024