Dream about having perfect straight teeth and a stunning smile, but assume fixed metal braces are out of reach? At Dental Clinic “A Thousand Smiles”. In London, we are committed to providing high-quality metal braces for teeth straightening that suit a wide range of budgets. Read on to learn all about our affordable braces procedures, aftercare, and costs.

Procedure for treating metal braces

When you choose our experienced orthodontists at Thousand Smiles for DIY cheap metal braces in London To transform your smile, here is an overview of the most important steps in teeth alignment:

Initial consultation

Schedule your first metal braces consultation at Thousand Smiles, during which our orthodontist will assess your specific case: perform an oral exam, take x-rays, take impressions, etc. to determine the optimal braces treatment plan.

Tailored fit

During this visit, you will be individually fitted with the fixed metal brace system that best suits your dental situation and your smile goals. Brackets and bands are placed precisely on your teeth.

Adjustments and cable changes

Follow-up appointments will take place every 4-6 weeks in the future. The orthodontist will make small adjustments, replace archwires, and replace rubber bands to continually move your teeth into a better position.

Brackets for stability

After an average of 12-24 months, your braces will straighten your teeth beautifully and reveal your smile! To maintain stability, retainers are provided as part of aftercare with metal braces A thousand smiles.

Professional support every step of the way

Our experienced orthodontists have provided hundreds of satisfied patients with high-quality home improvement items Metal braces at our London clinic. We combine state-of-the-art braces technologies with personalized care based on your unique teeth. Smile Transformation Made Affordable!

Tips for aftercare for metal braces

When underwearing Metal braces treatment in LondonGood oral hygiene and care is essential for best results and preventing tooth decay or damage to the brace area. Our team’s recommendations include:

  • Brush thoroughly after all meals and floss daily
  • Avoid very hard, sticky and sugary foods
  • If skin irritation occurs, use orthodontic wax or gel
  • Take painkillers if pain initially occurs

Attend all scheduled adjustment visits with the orthodontist to replace wires/bands and track treatment progress. Contact us immediately if anything feels loose or broken so we can repair it promptly.

Affordable prices for metal braces

One of the first questions we always receive is “What is the total cost of metal braces in London?”. We believe an amazing smile transformation should be financially affordable for most. That’s why prices for our fixed metal braces start at £1,500 – one of the most affordable prices affordable prices in London and the UK.

The exact cost of metal braces varies depending on the individual treatment length and specific dental needs. However, you can be assured that our team will work within your budget. We also offer flexible payment plans with 0% interest to conveniently spread the cost.

Advantages of metal braces

Choosing metal braces for your orthodontic treatment offers many benefits:

  • Effective – Metal braces are proven to solve a wide range of tooth alignment problems, including closing gaps, correcting misalignment, and resolving overbites/underbites.
  • Fast Treatment Times – On average, our patients successfully complete their metal braces realignment treatment at Thousand Smiles within 12 to 24 months. We create an efficient individual treatment plan.
  • Less Damage or Breakage – Unlike alternatives such as clear aligners, sturdy metal braces are less prone to damage or cracking during the teeth straightening process, resulting in fewer disruptions/repairs.
  • Better for Children and Teens – Metal braces tend to work better for younger patients because, unlike just veneers, the brackets adhere well to teeth that may still be growing or developing.

Testimonials from patients with a thousand smiles

Our wonderful patients say it best! Hear firsthand from some of our many satisfied metal braces patients:

“I used to be afraid of showing my crooked teeth in photos. After a year of using metal braces from Thousand Smiles, I have a smile that I can’t wait to show off! My teeth look incredible.” – James, 29 years old

“I didn’t think I would be able to afford metal braces as an unemployed student, but Thousand Smiles’ treatment costs and payment plans actually helped me! The best investment in myself ever.” – Tanya, 22 years old

Are you thinking about getting your teeth repaired?

Speak to one of our friendly team over the phone today about cheap metal braces in London 02080500280 or book your consultation to find out more! Discover a new, straight smile that is closer to you than you imagined A thousand smiles dental.

Say goodbye to crooked teeth and hello to more confidence! Over 22,500 smiles have improved in London and counting! Our passion is helping you feel your best by realigning your teeth expertly yet comfortably fixed metal braces in London, no matter how old you are. Contact Thousand Smiles Dental Clinic in London to schedule an initial orthodontic exam and take the first step toward the straight, beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.

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Last Update: 19 April 2024