Nowadays, more and more people are choosing dental crowns. In fact, dental crowns can do Teeth more beautiful, increase a person’s elegance and self-confidence, and make people’s lives better. In the actual treatment process, we will think about: What are the advantages and disadvantages of dental crowns?

Benefits of Dental Crowns:

1. Natural appearance and color

After crown formation, the teeth are beautiful, natural and have good refractive properties. Natural color, retains its beautiful and natural shine for a long time.

2. No need to pull teeth, safe and painless

The dental crown not only does not cause pain during the entire process, but also significantly reduces pain and does not cause any damage to the gums and teeth. It shortens the treatment time and the time it takes to open the mouth, is pleasant and painless and can be rounded off with relaxing music. To whiten your teeth, you don’t need to touch the tooth root or extract the tooth, so you no longer have to worry about beauty, but you also don’t have to worry about pain.

3. Sturdy and durable, comparable to original teeth

Dental crowns can restore the maximum aesthetic effect with relatively minor tooth damage. The dental crown processed by ultra-high temperature digital technology effectively prevents rapid tooth decay caused by bacteria and resembles a strong “insulating layer” for the teeth, making them “impermeable” to dental caries.

4. Efficient, fast, durable

With the world’s most popular, scientific and safest dental crowns, you can easily have beautiful teeth in just an hour.

5. Green, environmentally friendly and safe

There is no radiation reaction. It is made of German and Swiss enamel porcelain. It has physical properties similar to the original dentin, is non-toxic and harmless to the human body.

Disadvantages of Dental Crowns:

There are two sides to everything and dental crowns are no exception. Basically, dental crowns have the following disadvantages:

1. It’s expensive. Compared to other dental beauty technologies, the price of dental crowns is relatively high.

2. The standard of dental crown doctors is very high. Only doctors with excellent medical skills can create perfect dental crowns.

3. When making dental crowns, excess teeth must be ground down.

Fuzhou Zhongze Dental reminds you: the advent of dental crowns has made the dreams of many beauty lovers come true. Friends who love beauty no longer have to wait. You can try the new technology of dental crowns and enjoy unprecedented whitening changes.

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Last Update: 19 April 2024