Delayed menstruation is a very common phenomenon Women. Under normal circumstances, menstruation may be delayed by 7 days. If this is exceeded, it is a symptom of irregular menstruation. For timely diagnosis and treatment, every woman needs to understand the reasons for this. So what are the causes of delayed menstruation?

1. Pregnancy

If pregnancy occurs, menstruation stops. On the due date, menstruation often stops and symptoms such as increased urination, changes in appetite, vomiting and nausea occur. Women of childbearing age should pay attention to whether they are pregnant if their menstruation is delayed.

2. Endocrine abnormalities

Endocrine abnormalities can easily cause a delay in menstruation. Common polycystic ovary syndrome, premature ovarian failure leads to delayed menstruation. When excessive obesity, hirsutism, female infertility, acne and other symptoms occur, Women should check their endocrine function. Achieve early detection and early treatment.

Endocrine abnormalities are common gynecological diseases in women. The specific treatment depends on the cause being identified.

3. Excessive weight loss

Inadequate food intake by women can also lead to delayed menstruation. Most women achieve weight loss through a small diet, which often leads to a delay in menstruation due to inadequate food intake. Excessive diets and weight loss medications can cause a delay in menstruation. If the delay is short-lived, the menstrual cycle returns to normal naturally. However, if the delay is long-term, medication is often required to normalize the menstrual cycle.

Women should lose weight sensibly. Do not overdiet or take hormone-rich weight loss pills. The best way to lose weight is to exercise.

4. Taking birth control pills

Suddenly stopping birth control pills, especially long-acting oral contraceptives, can cause menstrual irregularities.

5. Psychological reasons

Excessive psychological stress, grief, sadness, anger, heartbreak and other abnormal emotions often lead to delayed menstruation. This situation often results in breast swelling, pain, restlessness, and depression. Generally no treatment is required. However, sometimes menstruation is delayed, and Chinese medicine can be used to differentiate and condition the syndrome.

Delayed menstruation sometimes causes restlessness in women, which can worsen the symptoms. If menstruation is delayed, depending on the situation, you can go to the hospital for examination, maintain a good mood, pay attention to your diet, etc.

6. Chronic diseases

Some diseases tend to waste disease and deprive the body of nutrients. Lack of nutrients in the body leads to delayed menstruation. The most common include chronic hepatitis, tuberculosis, tumors and hypothyroidism. Women often suffer from iron deficiency anemia, and these diseases can easily lead to iron deficiency anemia.

7. Surgical trauma

Uterine surgery, abortion surgery, etc. can cause adhesions on the cervix and cause menstrual blood stasis, causing menstruation to stop.

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Last Update: 19 April 2024